26.05.09. Here's what Punk & Destroy, from Japan, have to say about our 7":
"Coche Bomba~Vomit for breakfast等の元メンバー等によるフレンチHCニューカマー、DIYリリース1st 7"ep!本人達いわく、「GAIミーツGAUZE!」という事で、まさしく、ノイズコア譲りのフル・デストーションで爆走する2ビートのダーティーで攻 撃的なノイズコアPUNKスラッシュに、GAUZEをもろに彷彿とさせるフックと展開を盛り込み、PUNK AS FUCKに反骨メッセージをシャウトしまくる、炸裂感とスピード感に満ちたかっこいいサウンドです!Lebenden Totenをはじめとするネオ・ノイズコア・ファンからスラッシュ系バンドのファンまでオススメです。フレンチDIYハードコア・アンダーグラウンド!全 6曲入り、シルクスクリーンジャケ+インサート付!"
(which VERY roughly translate to: "The French HC newcomer Coche Bomba~Vomit for breakfast and the like by the original member et. al, DIY release 1st 7" ep! These people it is, the framework, “GAI meets GAUZE!”With the notion that where you say, just, 2 beats which blast running are done being dirty with full desutorshyon (distortion) of the noise core transferring, in the attack noise core PUNK slash, it includes the hook and the development which make GAUZE closely resembling completely, in PUNK AS FUCK unyielding message the shouting stripe comes, it is the groovy sound where it was full in the explosion impression and the speed impression! You recommend from the neo noizukoa (noisecore) fan which begins Lebenden Toten to the fan of the slash type band. French DIY hadokoa (hardcore) underground! All the 6 tune entering and [shirukusukurinjiyake] + insertion attaching!")

Also here's a new video our gig last year in Lyon (@ Deadwood Squat) with INSOMNIO, it is kinda weird and cut all the time but still a fun watch:

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