Premier EP/ First 7".

Comes in lots of different covers, some screenprinted (bunch of different colors), some photocopied. 500 copies including 40 glass cover tour edition (sold out) + 5 test presses.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothings

Dégueulasse Bâtard
La Cloche de L'Enfer
War Is Product

Test press:

Demo tracks.

Enregistré live par nos soins en mai 2007 à Sauf Imprévu, Saint Etienne.
Clique sur chaque chanson pour écouter, ou click-droit + 'enregistrer sous' pour télécharger.

Recorded live by ourselves at Sauf Imprévu, Saint Etienne, may 2007.
Click on each song to listen, or right click + 'save as' to dowload.

1.Punk is argh.
2. War is product
3. Death makes you cum
4. Il n'y a échapper
5. Vas te faire fouttre
6. L'Afrique génocide
7. Dégueulasse bâtard
8. Souvenir of death
9. State Poison
10. La cloche de l'enfer

(11. Blood spit night (forever 76)- Gai)

MRR review of the demo: "Make no mistake, these Frenchies-plus-one-Floridian sleep cuddled next to their Disorder records, passed out with a gluebag in hand. The glue fumes work to help them create the magnificient chaotic madness that is STATE POISON. They've got the sound pretty nailed down. Most of the songs feature a variety of gurgles, blarghs, and random shouts from the vocalist. The drums are exactly as you would expect with a semi hollow sound, big rolls and clacka, clacka, clacka. The guitar isn't totally buried in noise, but it makes a mess of racket with squealing notes when it needs to. These songs have a bit of craft to them as well. I would align this with SWANKYS or early CONFUSE, before lumping it in with the crasher crust scene. Overall, STATE POISON has enough ineptness, ridiculousness, catchiness, and creativity to pull this style off. Download the demo for free at"